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Behinds the scenes this site consists of a whole load of php scripts pulling data through api's from Steam, Youtube, Twitter and Twitch.Data is pulled every minute and stored in a mixture of json arrays and mysql databases

The "More recently played","twitter","youtube" and "streaming" tabs on the table can be clicked to be expanded.

When you click on a crew members games count it will bring you to a table that you can sort by minutes by clicking the first row of your desired sort by and if the game

has detailed stats and achievements like CSGO does you can view those aswell by clicking "stats" or "achievements" on the far right columns

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or questions send me a message:

Why is G18 "top Secret"?His steam profile is set to private

Why is Bdubs not here?I do not see him as an original member, he isn't a regular.